Road Incidents With Motorcycles
This dataset falls under the category Planning & Policy Safety of the transport space.
It contains the following data: Traffic incidents recorded by the Department of Mobility of the Mayor's Office of Medellin, since 2014. This database is generated from the report Incidentes vehiculos asociados delivered by UNE. A traffic incident is defined as "an event, generally unintentional, generated by at least one vehicle in motion, which causes damage to people and property involved in it, and also affects the normal circulation of vehicles moving along the road or roads in the place or within the area of influence of the event". Law 769 of 2002 of the National Traffic Code.
This dataset was scouted on 2022/01/24 as part of a data sourcing project conducted by TUMI. License information might be outdated: Check original source for current licensing. The data can be accessed using the following URL / API Endpoint:

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