Inventory Number Vehicle Registrations (Motor Vehicle) 2018
This dataset falls under the category Raw Mobility Data.
It contains the following data: The spreadsheets contain the monthly vehicle stock figures for 2018 for cars, trucks, motorbikes, quads, trikes, buses, trailers, agricultural vehicles and motor homes. The tables are divided according to users, drive types electric, petrol, diesel, low emission levels, Euro6 vehicles, vehicle colours, registration by postcode, vehicle types by postcode/borough, vehicle manufacturers of motorised vehicles and trailers. For the evaluation, please take into account that the vehicle figures also include company vehicles (fleet vehicles). FAQ note on the calculation of the total figures: The respective total number does not only result from monthly totals. De-registrations of vehicles up to the end of the respective month are also calculated, which results in an adjusted total number.
This dataset was scouted on 2022-02-18 as part of a data sourcing project conducted by TUMI. License information might be outdated: Check original source for current licensing. The data can be accessed using the following URL / API Endpoint:

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