Citizen Reporting Web App

Citizen Reporting Web App

The dashboard provides an overview of the reports sent by citizens through the citizen reporting web app.

The app is an open source web application that serves as an effective channel of communication through which citizens provide information, in order to accurately and securely report facts, news and/or incidents of services or infrastructure that affect mobility, and through which the government may have better information to eventually act in an effective way against them.

A reporting chatbot on the WhatsApp platform allows users to report disruptive events in the mobility of the city, send images and obtain information about their status. In addition, several categories of reports were incorporated, such as road accidents, state of the road network, personal safety, among others.

Links to chatbot:
Whatsapp: in

The chatbot was tested and evaluated in different use cases to get valuable feedback and improve it, thus making it as practical as possible for city management. It also allows positive reports, such as congratulations to the mobility entities and capture of good deeds by users. In addition, it contains a space for citizens to propose improvements for their mobility.

More information on the app can be found in the official github repo: